Books and stories were central in our lives when we grew up and that is precisely what 

brought us together. We are three friends with a common passion for beautiful books. 

From meal-times to bedtimes and pretty much all other times in between, we have been reading so many books to our children. And in our pursuit for great books, we discovered what a humongous range is available today. But we also discovered that not all books are great. There is a sea of mediocrity and outdated content as well. So when Nivedita told us how she was planning to make her dream of having her own library come true, we knew it was meant to be! And Anek Chidiya was born! We hand-pick books that go in our collection and nurture the joy of reading and creativity with our initiative. 


Nivedita Deshmukh | Surabhi Deodhar | Bharati Kshatriya

Nivedita Deshmukh

An art director by profession, I have worked at reputed ad agencies in India. But the true passion has always been teaching. Both as a student at Sir J.J.Institute of Applied Art and a young professional in the ad industry, I explored various opportunities to take creative workshops for kids through brands, NGOs, schools and art festivals like Kalakala Ghoda. Currently, I am visiting faculty at my alma mater and a freelance creative consultant. 

Being in the creative industry for so many years, storytelling for brands was my job both in words and in visuals. And then the little one happened! Just like that, my entire world was taken over by stories, day in and day out! She demanded stories of not just animals and people but of fans and curtains and ACs and just about anything she could lay eyes on. That is when I realizedrealised the value of stories like never before! My daughter has given me a chance once again to explore the child in me. I am basking in the warmth of her love, the little imaginative moments that we share every day and the stories that have stretched the horizons of our world together. Anek Chidiya is an attempt to give wings to my daughter and all the little ones who can be touched by this magic.

Surabhi Deodhar

A passion for traveling, an undying love for books and the gift of the gab are what make me who I am. A lot of it I owe to my upbringing and I think the greatest gift I got from my parents is the wonderful experiences we were lucky to have. I am a  biologist by education, a French teacher by accident and a mom by default and I have had the good fortune of doing so many different things! I have taught French and Science for several years in schools as well as institutes. I endeavor to continue to experience life every day and being a mother makes that a part of the process! Anek Chidiya is our new baby and we hope to give it as much love as possible and ourselves become enriched by it.

Bharati Kshatriya

An applied artist from Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore and Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad, 

I started my professional journey working with design studios, social media, and ad agencies as a Creative Artist. I've taken creative workshops, 

handwriting improving and calligraphy classes and summer camps for kids at different locations. I'm a freelance Graphic Designer.

I love doodling, traveling, reading books, 

photography, cooking, and more. 

With two kids, life at home all day can be totally exhausting. But, it is a real privilege to spend time with my children during these formative years, and doing a lot of reading and creative activities has helped me share and spread the joy and smiles to these 

innocent little ones.

I strongly feel that storytelling gets you and your audience in a completely different zone, taking you through a beautiful journey to explore your ideas and visualize. You go to different places, meet different people, see their lifestyles, and safely come back home. That’s the power of a story, you are here but 

not here.