The Anek Chidiya library is a well-curated and well-researched collection for children 

upto the age of 6. The books range from international publications to regional content 

in a variety of languages. Very young children can truly relate to stories 

in their mother tongue better and we hope to nurture a love for this. 

We conduct an activity every month designed to get children to 

open their minds and we coax imaginative thinking.

Our book reading and 

storytelling sessions are loved by all the children and adults alike! 

Book clubs, informative sessions pepper the month and give parents

an opportunity to unlock their own creative thinking.

We also conduct workshops once a month with some 

exciting guests and subjects. These will be payable separately 

but members get a discount. 

The workshops will bring unique sessions for parents 

and children and are truly enriching.

Anek Chidiya will also have some educational and creative products. 

We aim to  help parents continue the pursuit of encouraging lateral thinking at home too. 

From a variety of content, resources, stationery and games there is something for every child and parent!